1. Go see Julie! She'll help your running in an immediately noticeable and significant way. The difference between how I was running the day before I met Julie, and the day after was night-and-day. Thanks, Julie!
    Josh LaJaunie - 2016 Cover of Runners World
  2. I was a total heel-stiker and did not even know it. It's no wonder I had recurring injuries. Julie helped me reset my running style. I am able to run faster with greater ease and flow.
    Christina Leidenheimer, CPT, CNC, FTS
  3. I have been attending Julie's Restorative Running class. As she explained and ran along beside me, I quickly regained the Chi Running form. It seemed so natural. I truly felt no pain. After several weeks of the class, and running a few laps at a time around the track to the beat of Julie’s metronome, my body responded. That class has helped me to rebuild leg strength and stamina, and given me confidence to take my running outside again.
    Debbie Melvin
  4. I have been consistently working out with Julie for a year now. In the beginning I couldn't run around the block, since then I have completed several 5ks a 10k and a 1/2 marathon relay (6.55 miles). I have dropped 4 dress sizes and more importantly I feel wonderful. I can't say enough good things about this program! Thank you Julie for doing what you do!
    Melissa Wilson